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In the current explosion of social networking, we'd love to connect with you (our valued customers). We'd like to hear what you have to say, what interests you and what you think about our products and service.

Please feel free to get involved with our additonal output beyond our gifts...

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the Gold Disc on Facebook
We frequently post on Facebook, a mixture of news, music birthdays and photos of projects going through the system
The Gold Disc on G+ G+.... erm, still not sure yet about Google +, but we're there just in case it takes off!
The Gold Disc on Twitter
follow us on Twitter for more of the above...
The Gold Disc You Tube Channel You Tube Channel -  we have a few videos up there - Including 'Gold Disc Dave's' Wedding 1st Dance... well worth a look!
The Gold Disc Blog
If the mood takes us or we have some good subject matter, We might even be tempted to write a blog post or 3
The Boss
  The boss on LinkedIn
   if you'd like to connect with the head honcho - Gold Disc Dave... click on the on LinkedIn logo above

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